Student Tours

We are  your ‘one-stop shop’ for educational travel and activities. We have extensive experience with student travel. We offer a diverse range of travel options to both students and teachers alike, we focus on the safety of students while providing an environment that facilitates learning, expands horizons, encourages personal growth, and develops social skills. We know teachers are busy people so we make the planning process as seamless for you as possible.

Canada is well known for its stunningly beautiful nature, bustling cities, friendly atmosphere, multicultural environment. Once you’re in such an interesting you probably want to see as much as possible. If you don’t have anybody to travel with or you don’t know how to arrange it by yourself, try our travel services. You can choose from numbers of trips around Canada and US for reasonable prices and meet new friends from all around the world.

We cooperate with reputable travel agencies in Canada to get you the best deals and service.

Hiking, cycling, camping, sightseeing. Enjoy great experiences with new friends and refresh yourself.